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Full Service Gas at Bob Lee's Tire Pros

The "REAL" cost of full service at Bob Lee's

The average driver buys 20 gallons of fuel a week. Bob Lee's Tire Pros is on average 6 cents higher per gallon than the "street". However, Bob Lee's Tire Pros provides full service - which includes pumping the gas, checking the tire pressure and inspecting the tires, checking the fluid levels, and washing the window.

6 cents X 20 (gallons) X 52 (weeks) = $62.40 a year to have all of these thing checked.

So why does it pay to use Bob Lee's Tire Pros full service gas station? How much do you actually save by spending the $62.40? Here are some examples of how you will save money by purchasing your fuel at Bob Lee's:

If your tires are under-inflated you reduce your gas mileage.

If you get a nail in your tire and don't realize it you could ruin it and have to buy a new one.

By inspecting your tires we will notice a tire problem before it occurs and prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road.

By checking all your fluids (oil, coolant, and brake fluid) you are more likely to find a problem before it occurs and reduce your cost to repair.

So the real questions is... How can you afford not to purchase your fuel from Bob Lee's?

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